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    (Open) FBX Import Issues, ways to improve, and other things...

    Hopefully this link will be enough to describe the issues I've been having?

    Basic problem is, an FBX file of a facility (apologies, can't give the data out to anyone)... which is 500 surfaces, and just under 10,000 objects, is really tough to deal with in Lightwave, both Modeller and Layout. The actual polygon count isn't crazy high, and in fact, when merged into one layer, with one surface, it's smooth as silk, but it's getting to that point that is hard work.

    Basically, what I'm after are some options on import that will:

    1. Allow us to merge (using an import option when we choose the FBX file) all identical surfaces into a single surface. Rather than iterating them, and adding '01', '02', '03'... ...
    On the model above, it ended up generating over 5000 surfaces. no wonder LW was struggling so much. If this was implemented, there would have been far, far less materials... and made it faster within Layout and Modeller.

    This would most likely solve all the issues I've been struggling through within the post linked above.


    2. A way on import that will let us choose to merge ALL surfaces into a just a SINGLE surface. This will help us on models that still don't import with the option in point 1 above.

    3. FBX loading within Layout wrote all 10,000 objects very quickly BUT only when it was doing this onto the local drive). When doing it to our network location it was APPALLINGLY SLOW! This may be a network issue, but we simulate FumeFX and TurbulenceFD over the network and save the files directly out to a network location, and it's very fast. We're on a fast gigbit connection.

    4. Loading the Layout scene file, with 10,000 .lwo files starts off VERY fast, but then slows down to a painful speed... so much so, that I didn't even wait for it to finish loading. It had already taken well over an hour and a half, and wasn't anywhere near done. Again, this may be due to the sheer volume of surfaces (5000) or something else that needs looking at?

    I hope this thread and report can help you nail some of these issues!

    Lardbros on the forum!

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