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    (Closed) Global Scene Constants?
    Hi folks

    I'm currently playing with some complex nodal animation stuff, and it would be very useful to have some constants that are global across the scene, for instance, as start/end points for various sections of animations that need to be applied to several objects

    I know this can be done using nulls and item info, but my layout is cluttered enough as it is, so it would be nice to have just a node I could click on and it would update across any other node panels I'm using it in.

    This could be done by just matching name info, or more complex, when you add a Scene/global constant from the menu you get a drop down with a list of constants you have already defined for that scene.

    So, if you have, say, already defined two global integer constants, Start_Time and End_Time, the menu bar might look something like this:

    >Scene Constant

    I hope this makes sense

    Oh, and it would be really useful to have the object/surface name in the node editor window title bar as well. :-)


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